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Symantec Endpoint Protection GUP chaining

Created: 16 Oct 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013
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Nowadays biggest challenge is to deliver all SEP definition to all systems regularly. Now currently all SEP agents taking content update from GUP if we use GUP in network.  GUP is fetching content update from SEPM server only. This is how communication flow is for definition update at remote location.

Following are uses case for GUP chaining,

GUP chaining mean GUP will take content update from other (defined GUP)

Use case no.1

Multiple GUP: - In India most of the customers are running minimum bandwidth remote location, few of uses VSAT for connectivity to HO/datacentre.  If we set multiple GUP in current scenario it is toll challenging to delivery content to all GUP over limited bandwidth. If SEP allows you to set to take GUP update from other GUP will result to save bandwidth.  So per location there will be single content delivery in multiple GUP scenarios also.

For example : SEP agent is requesting 30 days definition which is not there in local GUP’s cache, so local GUP will check with upper GUP to get the request fulfil.  If upper GUP has definition, GUP will take it from his cache. So result will be bandwidth save for direct branch GUP to Central SEPM server.

Use case no. 2

Saving bandwidth and maintaining delta update for every system.

If SEP allows setting GUP chaining, branch GUP will take content update from regional GUP. Every regional office manages multiple remote locations. So there would be no chance to break catlog and deliver full definition.  

Most of the customer having IT team at regional office to monitor setup.  Most of the time we are getting good configuration system at regional location. There is no control on the branch and even due to bandwidth limitation it is not possible to update content manually or deliver full content over WAN link from SEPM server.  It is to challenging to update content in case GUP system or any other system got formatted. It is disturbing content update flow. If we set GUP chain at least we have option to have content on multiple GUP at same location.