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Symantec Endpoint Protection Install Feature Request - SMCGUI Install Switch

Created: 29 Jul 2014
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We have many different varieties of installation based on the different location and uses for the client. We use the same set of install media for the installation so that it can be deployed and run on a mass scale for our environment. There are many MSI installation switches for the different components, etc that can be installed for the SEP client. One of the features that cannot be set using this method is the SMCGUI registry setting for our Citrix and Terminal servers that are throughout the environment. At this point in time our only options are either the development of a secondary package that evaluates whether or not a client is a Citrix/Terminal server to set the registry key OR modify the installation MSI ourselves which is unsupported by Symantec.

We request that this feature be made available in future releases of the product as it would significantly reduce the overall cost of installation and administration for each new version of the client that is released.