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Symantec Management Console

Created: 07 Jun 2013
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We are creating a CMDB using  the Symantec Management Console, or the Altiris Notification Server Version 7.1.We save links of active views that administrators can open.

To navigate to an example view, go to the Service Management Console, select a Service, right-click to generate a menu, select CMDB Functions, and then select Resource Association Diagram. The Resource Association Diagram displays in a new browser tab.

The default display settings of the Resource Association Diagram are:

View As: Free Form

Levels: 3

Maximum Items on Each Level: 3

The idea we would like you to consider is changing the default View As item from Free Form to Tree Hierarchy. Data is more comprehensible in the Tree Hierarchy view.

Additional Enhancement Ideas:

- The data that we have been entering tends to work better when 2 levels are displayed, rather than 3.

- Our data displays better when the maximum number of items on each level is set to 50. Often we have more than 3 items on each level, so having the default set to 3 means that the picture is inaccurate unless adjusted.

- In addition, we noticed an issue regarding truncating the length of the name on associated labels. It would be better if the program didn't do that as often as it does.

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