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Symantec's Semantics (a BUG is a BUG; not an IDEA)

Created: 26 Sep 2011
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Bad/lazy "design decisions" can lead to bugs, as in this here I am requesting that Symantec stop playing games with semantics and finish the unfinished GUI in the Mac client:

The OS X symsched command (documents and) allows creation of an hourly schedule event, which divides 24 hours by HH, creates a pre-determined set of times for the executions based on the day starting at midnight and then assigns the "Next Run" to the next occurring pre-determined hour(s, at MM minutes after each hour) after the symsched command is run. For example, the following command creates a schedule event labeled as "Update All" and which runs every 4 hours, and updates all:

~> symsched LiveUpdate "Update All" 1 1 -h 04:00 "All Products"

By selecting 04:00 after -h (hourly), this scheduled event will run at the following times (24/4 = 6):
...which can also be seen in the Scheduler GUI (as "Hourly" and with the "Next Run" time changing by appropriate intervals, as expected, when viewed in the GUI). All of this works fine on OS X...

However, the OS X Symantec Scheduler GUI itself DOES NOT allow creation of an hourly event at all, and the "Edit" button fails to do anything when trying to edit an hourly event (easily created by symsched and seen in this same GUI). The following error/failure is reported (and can be viewed via /Applications/Utilities/Console) when clicking the Edit button on an "Hourly" schedule entry:
Symantec Scheduler[8272] *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (-1 (or possibly larger)) beyond bounds (4)

This same hourly schedule can be added and edited in the GUI on Windows. IN FACT, the 4 hour interval appears to be the DEFAULT SEPM policy interval.

The official response of "Advised that per engineering, the SEP for Mac client is working as designed.  Suggested customer create a product enhancement suggestion through Symantec Connect." is really silly, to politely say the least.