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Symhelp tool give results in the language you select

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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Could the symhelp tool be fixed to actually give results in the language you select. We have a german server with german operating system but the SEP client installed on it is english. When we run the symhelp tool (downloaded from that client and website completly in english) and select language the symhelp tool returns all results in German. As a not native german speaker this makes troubleshooting the issue with the SEP client a little difficult.

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Is this still an issue?  As I understand it, you should be able to change the language at will.  If the SymHelp is set to German and data is collected and sent to support, support should be able to select whichever available language they prefer and see it that way. 

The exception is that SymHelp does not and cannot translate the language of the data itself.  SymHelp can only address the language that the SymHelp utility itself creates.  We have a translation team to perform this job and SymHelp carries within it the translated strings of all of its own langauge content.  To translate the language of the data would require a monumental and, I suspect, impractical amount of effort.  To my knowledge, if you need German data read, you may need to locate a German speaker to do the work.

No matter what the language of the data, SymHelp's reports should operate to detect the most frequent issues.  

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Hi Sealchan,

I've not checked the latest symhelp tool but the issue was that when selecting the specific language what we were find that is the operating system was installed in say german but we selected english as the language from the tool that everything would be in german not just the results making it impossible for anyone that doesn't read german to diagnose the issues. 

Please click if this is the solution this will help others find a solution.

Also please review ideas and vote there could be something useful :)


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