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Task Failure Details Report Needed

Created: 25 Mar 2011 | 2 comments
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Problem:  When a task fails on multiple machines there is not a good way to display a list of computers that failed the task, or why they failed.  Currently the only way to know why a machine failed is to drill down in to the task instance results for that individual computer.

Solution:  Provide the users with a gui interface or report where they can see the list of failed tasks, including machines and why they failed (ie error messages and return codes for each individual computers).

As a result this would save substantial time in troubleshooting multiple machine failures by removing the requirement to click on each individual computer.

More Details:  Currently the All Jobs/Task - Failed report is a good start.  It displays all task instances that have failed, and how many computers failed.  This report should then lead to another report and pass the taskinstance as the parenttaskinstance and display all the child taskinstances of that parenttaskinstance, along with the computer they were assigned to with the return code, status, and any status messages.

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Also check out idea:

adds to this idea.

My only suggestion is I would rather have one report that I can just say give me the taskinstances, along with the computer they were assigned to with the return code, status, and any status messages for a defined date range instead of having to click on one report then got to another.

Either way as anything would be better than we have now.


edit found this report -

Task Server
Job/Task Status Detail

Add to this report two columns "Return Code" and any status messages then add a selectable date range because at first run this thing runs wide open and takes forever to generate data.

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