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Is there a better way to distribute the Endpoint Protection SBE?

Created: 27 Jan 2014
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I purchased a 3 x 25-uer pack of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.1. I tried to use the FileConnect link to download the product after registering my serial numbers.

I am living in Nigeria where internet bundle is very expensive and slow at the same time.It took me nearly two days to get down the product. I get some error (in red color) on the download manager status while I was downloading. I had to start all over again and still got the same error.

But fortunately, this time I discovered that if I use the same folder where I was downloaing before, I have the opportunity of continuing from where the download stopped  before the error.  This is a good feature of the download manager associated with the FileConnet.

But even at that, if I did not have any errors, it will still cost me about $23.00 on internet bundle to get down 1.6GB of the product from the download site.

My idea is that there should be a way of bringing down this product at no cost for those countries where internet bundles are still very expensive and slow bearing in my that such countries also have problem with electricity. Most often, there could be power outage while spending hours upon hours to downlad the product.

If possible, Symantec could use courier service to send the product to such countries so that it reaches them in two or three days. This is better than spending two to three days to download the product in addition to the money that will be paid for the internet bundle.


Chris Onyishi