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Unmanaged Detector

Created: 23 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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hey Symantec crew,

some nice additional features to the use of the unmanaged detector in SEP:

- the ability to not only add/remove exlusion ranges, but also EDIT already available ranges

- the ability to add single IP addresses (instead of IP ranges and mac addresses)

- (a more general notification idea) the ability to limit the mailing of notifications to once a day/week (instead of having a maximum damper of 10h)



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It would also be nice to be able to clear the list of items detected by the Unmanaged Detector in order to see if the exclusion list is correct or the system is still detected.

Also the ability to Export/Import the list of exclusions would be helpful as well, so when the client has the Unmanaged Detector dis-abled, it would then be possible to import the list again rather than needing to re-input all the exclusions.

It also would be nice to include the System Name and IP addresses in the alerts when reporting Unmanaged Systems.  Having both would help determine if the system was a printer or a computer that needed a client installed on the system.

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