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Way to generate an FQDN for the UNC path

Created: 05 Nov 2012
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Dear Symantec,

We had a case where FQDN doesn't work on the clients because package server has different DNS record then hostname.domain.

For Package servers and clients we have DNS record like

Notification server has DNS record like

We are using UNC patch and in SMA of end client there is FQDN like
But downloading packages doesn't work because DNS record is different.

In the attached screen you can see Server profiles. SMA is not able to
meter speed for S60000005.LAB001.AD.LAB.SYS. because this is not
available. But for hostname only there is speed meterd. Event that SMA is
still trying to download packages from S60000005.LAB001.AD.LAB.SYS and not
from S60000005.0002.CZ.LAB001.AD.LAB.SYS. or hostname only S60000005.

Would it be possible to change to code for downloading packages according Server profiles? When FQDN is available, download path is FQDN\. When hostname is only available, download path is hostname\