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When a new Network Device has been discovered, can the SNMP Device Classification be populated?

Created: 23 Nov 2012
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Dear Symantec,

When we run the Network Device Discovery, we currently get the SNMP Info data class populated with the IODs of the devices, however, we need to go through the list ourselves and put the distinct set of IODs into the SNMP Device Classification manually. For a newly-discovered environment, this can take a very long time (with 100 or more device classifications). It also seems unnecessary, as this data should already be there.

So, when a new device is discovered, can we have a Task that runs on a schedule (or can be run manually) that reads the SNMP Info and places the classifications into the SNMP Device Classification table/UI? Even if they are imported as "Unknown", this is better than having to manually work them out!

Kindest regards,