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When out a version 6.4.1266, call it 6.4, not 6.1sp7 !

Created: 14 May 2011 • Updated: 12 Jun 2011 | 1 comment
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I would like to better understand Symantec version naming conventions, and all Symantec products following the same one!

When told me a version 6.1 SP7, I do not naturally guess the 6.4.1266 was the same one...

All the same, I can understand not able to guess the 1266, I can tell you, I was expecting something like instead!

e.g.: Currently

  • Symantec Workspace Streaming Agent (SWS) 6.1 SP7 is:
  • Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent (SWV) 6.1 SP7 is:

Notice both are in the same packaged product "Symantec Workspace Streaming", and in fact, in a single installation EXE package: SEVAgents_x64.exe,

Really Symantec, can’t you try to make it simple?

I would like: for 6.1 SP7, to see:

  • SWS agent:
  • SWV agent:
  • SWx other:

The Service Pack is a set of different releases, not necessary all same level, but when talk about a 6.1 version, with, or without any SP, we expect 6.1.x.y build numbers !!

Here some referencial about version, also from Symantec:

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Hi Pascal,

I agree with you. Right now I'm using SWV 6.1 SP7 MP1 aka 6.4.1550 ... Impossible to follow without having notes with this info ;-)

I hope Symantec correct this in the near future ...

See you.

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