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Windows Phone Symantec spam security

Created: 03 May 2012 | 1 comment
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I bought a HTC Radar 4G Windows phone from T-Mobile and this phone has no spam security from manufactures.  HTC hardware phone, Microsoft software and T-Mobile, none of these companies include spam security app to protect their customers from spammers.  I went online looking for spam security apps and I couldn’t find any trusted company that I want to spend my money on.  Microsoft and Symantec are the only two companies that I trust.  I don’t use any 3rd party apps.   Bottom line is I only use Microsoft and Symantec, if Symantec develop a spam security apps, I am sure, 100% sure that public will buy this Symantec spam phone app.  Everyone knows Symantec reputations and I believed that Symantec should be the first to develop this Symantec spam security app. 

I get nothing but spam calls and spam text messages from don’t know who.  This app should allow phone user to block any text messages and spam calls to the phone.  I just don’t understand why Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile are NOT protecting their customers from spams.  I did talk to T-Mobile support and they want me to spend more money on T-Mobile by adding Family Allowance Feature to block spam call/text to my account.  So I did and this Family Allowance Feature only block 10 numbers, how stupid is that.  I get 10 to 15 spams calls a day and they are difference numbers.  T-Mobile is here to rip customers. 

I believed Symantec can make money from spam security apps, I be the first customer to buy this app from Symantec.

Thank you so much!

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The current Symantc Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition 6 (SEPME 6) includes protecton again SMS spam.  Here's an article:

How to Configure SMS AntiSpam on Symantec Endpoint Protection, Mobile Edition 6
Article: HOWTO42182   |  Created: 2011-01-27   |  Updated: 2011-04-20   | 
Article URL

Keep an eye out for a new enterprise mobile security product that also includes Android OS, this summer! 

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