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Workflow 7.1 SP2 - A 'Load File Dialog' component is missing

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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In a Workflow Project we need a component as the old 'Load File Dialog' component.

In Case 418-944-504 is the issue describe:

Windows forms project type has been deprecated and related components along with it, it would be good to have an alternative to Load File Dialog component.

After reviewing the existing file operations related components we see that Inputfile Component is the only one at the moment that allows to browse files through the UI. However the output data from this component does not contain full directory path of the file but only passes FileName, FileType and Legth. Since the file is being uploaded, it will not display the full path and this behavior is expected.

The value for the full path should be stored in a variable.

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We'll, i guess this idea did not get a lot of support. In WF Solution 7.5.3001 still the same "issue".

It would be really nice if the component would know the full path of the file that was inputted.

We have to go around the problem by first asking user to input a file. But we can't pass the file variable into our analyser DLL so we need the full path of the file. Which we don't have. We only know it's "report01.xlsx."

Then we write that file variable into a file in a temp directory "\\server\share\report01.xlsx". Now we read that temp file back into workflow with Read File component. And voila, only now we have the full path of the file ("\\server\share\report01.xlsx") that we can pass to the analyzer DLL...

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