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Symantec Connect welcomes you to the IT Consultant Group.  The goal of this group is to provide a real-time, online, business social network for IT Consultants. This is a venue where you can convene and discuss how to deliver successfully on the Small and Medium business priorities of the day. Here you will find both peer to peer exchange of information among IT Consultants and as well as business solution level information from Symantec experts.  Start Here!

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New discussion 24 Aug 2017
Client has created a reporting API but the .Net program is not sending anything over. The parameters are: "URL=https://uxpapsymdlpef01:8443/ProtectManager/services/v2011/incidents" USER="dt207094" PASSWORD="leftout" "REPORT_ID=33". Any suggestions?
New discussion 19 Jul 2017
Hello everyone, I have a test team windows xp but when running tasks with deployment does not start the automation folder. That I could check to solve this issue, I need to make a configuration so that with this operating system can run it or some ...
New discussion 30 Mar 2016
Hello all, A customer has a number of DS 6.9 SP6 servers running Windows 2008 R2 in one domain, no longer being able to display domain group members for that domain via the 'Options > Security' UI.  They can see users and groups from that ...