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Partners with a PartnerNet account are automatically associated to the PartnerNet Group. You can post content publicly (default) or privately “for partners only” in any of the Symantec Connect communities by selecting the PartnerNet Group when submitting content.

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New discussion 24 Aug 2017
Client has created a reporting API but the .Net program is not sending anything over. The parameters are: "URL=https://uxpapsymdlpef01:8443/ProtectManager/services/v2011/incidents" USER="dt207094" PASSWORD="leftout" "REPORT_ID=33". Any suggestions?
idea comment 13 Aug 2017
New idea 11 Aug 2017
Symantec don't offer any possibility to inform administrators about updates of PGP software (Symantec Encryption Management Server), via e-mail, subsciptions or feeds. That's bad, so will be good to change this!
discussion comment 07 Aug 2017