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Partners with a PartnerNet account are automatically associated to the PartnerNet Group. You can post content publicly (default) or privately “for partners only” in any of the Symantec Connect communities by selecting the PartnerNet Group when submitting content.

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Group Activity

New idea 29 Aug 2016
Hi,  I think is usefoul to have a distinct for language on site servers. Let me explain: If i have an environment with a lot of sites globally distributed (Italy, UK, France and so on), and patch management is implemented, I can download patches ...
New discussion 23 Aug 2016
Hi Dear Friends , We implemented v14.5 DLP product on customer site. We have Network Monitor server on this environment and for NM we install Domain Controller Agent on the DLP Enforce server. User Identification is active on the Enforce server but as ...
New event 12 Aug 2016
Please register us for our yearly EPM summit where you can Receive free hands on product training on topics such as, Cloud Enabled Management, Asset Management, IT Analytics, Workflow, Product integrations Learn about the latest roadmaps, product ...