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Public Group | Founded: 03 Jun 2009 | Serving 25399 members

Partners with a PartnerNet account are automatically associated to the PartnerNet Group. You can post content publicly (default) or privately “for partners only” in any of the Symantec Connect communities by selecting the PartnerNet Group when submitting content.

Watch this short video and learn why you would want to join the PartnerNet Group:  Partner Connect, A Great Resource!

Group Activity

New discussion 17 May 2016
IT security policies need to change Mobility, cloud and advancement of social networks are becoming obsolete the traditional rules, say industry leaders IT and information security managers will not be able to directly control or adequately protect ...
New event 17 May 2016
It will be held on the 20th of October the HackingDay Manaus. Security event that follows the principles of my templates and HackingDay SP. How does it work # HackingDay? It is a set of lectures and workshops that demonstrate the key techniques of ...
discussion comment 09 May 2016
New discussion 05 May 2016
We have a Exchange 2007 sp1 on a windows 2003 server with Symantec Mail Security for Exchange version 7.0 Is it possible to install and enable the builtin feature exchange Antispam agents beside SMSE ? The reasons for this is to block spoofing ...