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Data Loss Prevention (Vontu) Customer Group

Public Group | Founded: 24 Mar 2009 | Serving 631 members

Private section for current Symantec Data Loss Prevention customers to share their experience and best practices with each other. Ask and answer questions on product rollout and configuration, policy development, remediation processes, and metrics and reporting; make scripts and other tools available for others to use; and write and share articles about your experiences (successes, failures, and lessons learned).

DLP Exchange:  For more information, read this blog post.  You must be a member of the DLP group to download.
Custom File Type Signature for Amazon Kindle
Custom File Type Signature for EPUB Files
Custom File Type Signature for Password Protected RAR
Custom File Type Signature for VMware Disk Files
Policy Template for Japanese Credit Cards
Policy Template for Japanese Confidential Documents
Policy Template for Indian Permanent Account Number
Policy Template for Brazilian CPF
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Group Activity

New discussion 29 Nov 2016
Hello all, I want to automatize an export of incidents in XML format by batch. The only solution i'm thinking of is to use the web API but that doesn't work. I used this command ReportingAPI.exe ...
New discussion 29 Nov 2016
Currently i have an enforce server ver 11.6 (E-A) and DB (D-A), which are outdated with H/W & OS and  hosted in location A. We have upgraded Hardware available on location B, so plan is to upgrade Enforce server on ver 12.0 (E-B)and ...
New article 27 Sep 2016
IT Analytics DLP pack offers several predefined cubes out-of-the-box.  As part of the DLP pack, the custom attribute name and custom attribute value dimension are included.  These two dimensions contain data for custom attributes defined ...