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ITMS 7.1 (Hampton) Beta - Closed

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ITMS 7.1 is the latest and most advanced version of the Altiris IT management software. It includes a number of new important features, including:
- Enhanced UI for improved usability and performance
- IT Analytics data analysis capability
- Support for installing on a 64-bit server
- Full workflow solution

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Group Activity

New idea 02 Dec 2010
Would be great if when you have a list of computers/software from the console you could copy the list to the clipboard, or export to a file. This was in v6 and can be done for reports, but a native method in the consoel would save many interim steps
New idea 02 Dec 2010
When viewing a "full list" from a search, ie. clicking "show all X" the search windo shows results in pages of 10 items. Am pretty sure most poeoples displays could handle more than this in a screen (10 items being about 400 pixels ...
New idea 02 Dec 2010
While I find the new console quite an improvement on the previous grid, I have noticed that when I navigate to something that is outside the silverlight portion (say all reports) and then go back to the silverlight console it does not recall the state ...
discussion comment 01 Dec 2010