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Security Researcher Wall of Fame

Symantec is pleased to recognize the individuals and groups who have responsibly disclosed security vulnerabilities for Symantec's websites.  The researchers below have discovered and reported security vulnerabilities to Symantec privately, helping to make the online world a safer place.


Name Contact Information   Date
Yeasir Arafat   11/2018
Hrishikesh Panse   11/2018
LoSec   09/2018
Zachary Satterly   09/2018
Jerry Decime   04/2018
Anil Tom   04/2018
Mustafa İran   03/2018
Rishi Mohanadas   02/2018
Numan Özdemir (GAIS Sec)   02/2018
Wen Bin Kong   01/2018
Ratnadip Gajbhiye (Mr. Ch4rLi3)   12/2017
Ismail Tasdelen   12/2017
Ismail Bulbul   12/2017
shwetabh suman @SHWETABHSUMAN11   12/2017
Gemini P   12/2017
Wai Yan Aung   11/2017
Honc (章哲瑜)   11/2017
Vasim Shaikh   11/2017
Jose Carlos   11/2017
Huy Kha   11/2017
Ashish Kunwar   11/2017
Wai Yan Aung   10/2017
Abhishek Kar   10/2017
Mayur Udiniya   10/2017
Chacko Kavanattu   10/2017
Li Chaohan (Bon)
Sergius Low Jun Kai
Vineet Kumar   09/2017
Georgie Yoxall   09/2017
Ashutosh Barot   09/2017
Vasim Shaikh   04/2017
Bharath Kumar   03/2017
Dheeraj Joshi   03/2017
Gayatri Rachakonda   03/2017
Shrinivas S. Fakirpure   03/2017
Adrian K   03/2017
Cameron Dawe   03/2017
Rishabh Sharma   02/2017
Cameron Dawe   09/2016
Mazin Ahmed   09/2016
Mazin Ahmed   09/2016
Mazin Ahmed   09/2016
Mazin Ahmed   09/2016
Emad Abou Shanab   08/2016
Nassim Asrir   02/2018
Nicholas Lim   03/2018
Kirtikumar Anandrao Ramchandani   06/2018
Ranjeet Jaiswal   07/2018
Carlos Cardoso   07/2018
Wai Yan Aung   11/2018

Please report any potential security incidents or Symantec website vulnerabilities to  

For reporting Symantec product vulnerabilities, please contact

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