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updated discussion 21 Jun 2018
Dear All, Would I have some query for security practices that : -Are we able to prevent file upload via Bluecoat Proxy / Bluecoat ASG or else ? -Are we able to limit file upload size via Bluecoat Proxy / Bluecoat ASG or else ? -How we configure that ? Thank you so much for your help.
updated discussion 21 Jun 2018
Dear All, Would I have some query for security practices that : -Are we able to prevent file upload via Bluecoat Proxy / Bluecoat ASG or else ? -Are we able to limit file upload size via Bluecoat Proxy / Bluecoat ASG or else ? -How we configure that ? Thank you so much for your help.
updated article 21 Jun 2018
Introduction This is the twenty-second in my Security Series of Connect articles.  For more information on how to keep your enterprise environment secure using often-overlooked capabilities of Symantec Endpoint Protection (and the OS upon which it functions), see Mick's Greatest Hits: Index of Helpful Connect Security Articles. This article was last updated in June 2018. We now continue ...
article comment 20 Jun 2018
updated article 20 Jun 2018
Introduction By popular demand, below is an index of my Connect articles.  Illustrated, semi-formal and mildly amusing, I hope they assist admins and individuals along their neverending quest to find a safe path in this ever more dangerous world.... Security Series The first article, Using SEPM Alerts and Reports to Combat a Malware Outbreak, demonstrated how to use ...
updated article 19 Jun 2018
by K. K. Mookhey 1. Introduction The tremendous increase in online transactions has been accompanied by an equal rise in the number and type of attacks against the security of online payment systems. Some of these attacks have utilized vulnerabilities that have been published in reusable third-party components utilized by websites, such as shopping cart software. Other attacks have ...
updated article 18 Jun 2018
Full OS platform support Official supportability matrices for the Symantec Management Platform and Altiris solutions included in IT Management Suite. Also, official full support statements for recently-released OS versions. IT Management Suite 6.x/7.x/8.x Platform Support Matrix Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Windows 10 version 1709) Windows 10 Creators Update (Windows 10 version ...
updated article 17 Jun 2018
ICT CLI Exit Codes The ICT CLI is a useful way of automating the tagging of file. Unfortunately when developing for this tool, there is limited access to the output of the application. Sometimes all you can do is look at the console outputs to determine the success of ICT, I have collated some of the console outputs I have come across. This article serves to act as output documentation for ...
updated article 17 Jun 2018
Symantec SSL Visibility (SSLV) release 4.3.1 is now available, extending the company's position as a market leader in Encrypted Traffic Management.  The newest release delivers enhanced visualization, policy-control, security, and access options for exposing TLS 1.3 encrypted threats. New features include: Enhanced Reporting – Organizational awareness and demonstrating ROI are key ...
updated blog entry 11 Jun 2018
In June 2017, we officially announced the new Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program (#TIPP), bringing together the Blue Coat and Symantec worlds and creating the largest and broadest technology partner eco-system in cyber security. In this blog, I wanted to share what this means for our customers as well as our technology partners and showcase a new tool we call the Integration ...
updated blog entry 02 May 2018
After the disclosure of a recent Denial of Service (DoS) tactic involving legitimate websites using WordPress, Symantec MSS has been applying additional scrutiny to customers that may have been involved. According to a blog post from Sucuri, “a large DDOS attack that leveraged thousands of unsuspecting WordPress websites as indirect source amplification vectors” has been uncovered in the wild. ...
updated blog entry 18 Apr 2018
Most people today rely on email as their method for business communication – sending and receiving hundreds of emails every day. This dependence on email can create a weak link in securing corporate information and expose a company to attacks. While hackers still use general spam emails and social engineering (or phishing) attacks against organizations, they are now increasingly ...
updated download 01 Mar 2018
Last Updated: Jan 31 2018 This Page has information on AWS Cloud formation Template (CFT) based test drive that can be used by CWP users to speed up creation of a demo/test stack on AWS. This template automates the creation of instances, subnets, VPC's etc. and documents describe various use cases that can be leveraged for Proof of Concept and validations. Multi-tier Organisation Setup ABC ...
updated download 04 Feb 2018
It will list all machines login to domain and give status of SEP service if installed or is running on login machine.  1. Script is vbs will easily work on any winndows client Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10  2. It can check any service like Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Altris Client Management Suite or any service you want to track 3. Script will log result centrally at a ...
updated download 23 Jan 2018
The below tool is used to clean unistall the PGP 10.4 agent from laptop which removes the PGP entries from Registry, system 32 & .dll files. This tools clean wipes the files as shown in the below arcticle which is required to completely uninstall the product
updated download 08 Jan 2018
Attached is CCS standard containing fixed checks from CIS Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 v2.2.0/v2.2.1: 1.2.3 Is the 'Reset account lockout counter after' parameter set to '15 or more minute(s)'? ( Is the 'Hardened UNC Paths' parameter set to 'Enabled, with "Require Mutual Authentication" and "Require Integrity" set for all NETLOGON and SYSVOL shares'? ...
new event 06 Jun 2018
Webinar: When the Walls Come Tumbling Down - Network Security for the Cloud Generation Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET Speakers: Mike Chen, Director of Product Marketing, Symantec and Tim Murphy, Sr. Manager Network Product Marketing, Symantec Cyber security professionals are at a crossroads. The game has changed, and the bad guys are getting more aggressive and inflicting more and more ...
new event 06 Jun 2018
Webinar: Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Product Updates June 2018 Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET Speaker: Maya Mandel VP of Product, Symantec Join us for a monthly customer dialog to learn about the latest Symantec Endpoint Protection(SEP) Mobile features and ask any product-related questions.  You will learn about:  - What new features are in the Symantec Endpoint ...
updated event 06 Jun 2018
Container technologies are still a relatively small part of the overall cloud and application portability market, but that is changing. Use of containers is exploding at an estimated annual growth rate of 40%.​ Containers provide some very compelling benefits especially in terms of speed and cost savings. But, like with any new tool, there are security concerns that must be addressed.​ Join us ...
updated event 31 May 2018
We are excited to invite you to our next Denver EPM User Group meeting on June 5. The agenda includes lunch and an opportunity to have interactives conversations with your peers and local Symantec representatives around common challenges and success stories. Symantec teams will also provide product updates and will be available for discussions. TENTATIVE AGENDA Welcome & ...
updated event 29 May 2018
Google recently announced that 71 of the top 100 sites are now using HTTPS, nearly double from a year ago. Accelerated adoption of strong encryption practices, including TLS 1.3, is good for consumers and enterprises alike.  However, highly secure encryption also presents challenges for security professionals.  Gartner predicts that in 2019, 80% of all malware will be ...
new event 17 May 2018
Webcast: GDPR: Identifying and Responding to a Data Breach Date: May 22, 2018 / Time: 6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST With GDPR coming, businesses are endeavouring to change how they collect and use personal data with more accountable and compliant processes. However, the GDPR’s data breach notification requirements continue to present a challenge for many.  Join Duncan Brown, IDC and ...
updated video 17 Jun 2018
DLP / ICT Tagger Flex Response Server Flex Response Demonstration Video Tagger is a Server Flex Response for DLP (Data Loss Prevention). This Flex Response allows for current versions of Symantec DLP (< 15.0) to integrate with Symantec ICT (Information Centric Tagging). This video showcases the Flex Response in action, demonstrating how the environment has been setup as well as the flex ...
updated video 13 Apr 2018
This how-to video covers the upgrade process from Altiris 7.1 to Symantec IT Management Suite 7.5 powered by Altiris technology. Links to learn more: 7.5 Migration and Upgrade landing page 7.5 Presentations and Hands-on Labs from the 7.5 Summit IT Management Suite 7.5 Documentation Migration Guide 7.0 to 7.5 7.5 Installation and Upgrade Guide 7.5 Planning for Implementation Guide
updated video 14 Nov 2017
Web Isolation Demo Videos : - Web Isolation Overview - Web Isolation Phishing  - Selective Isolation
updated idea 21 Jun 2018
Bonjour, J'aimerais avoir la possibilité de mettre des rapports en PDF au lieu de HTML, car mon exchange bloque les pièces jointes en HTML et pas les PDF. Cordialement, Vincent ** I would like to have the option to put PDF reports instead of HTML because my exchange blocks HTML attachments and not PDFs. **
new idea 20 Jun 2018
Hi Symantec, During scans of CCSVM some devices were not able to be properly scanned and after opening a case it was found that these devices are not supported. So, I'm sharing the list of devices that are not supported by Symantec CCSVM and which we would require to be supported as they are in use. It is kindly requested to incorporate the below list of devices in next updates of Symantec ...
new idea 14 Jun 2018
Would love the ability to be able to import a list of file hashes, ip's, domains, URL's into the White/Black lists of ATP.  Having to manually add one at a time is very cumbersome.  Also would like the ability to do a more detailed search of the White/Black lists other than by the filter type.  Kind of hard to pick out one SHA256 hash if you have hundreds of them.
new idea 11 Jun 2018
Customers want to prohibit program execution but can only get the sha256 of the file.
updated idea 08 Jun 2018
Request to submit a feature request to allow for hygiene of the data stored in the WSS Agent Status display.  An example of what we are looking for would be a routine that merged newer data over older data if the device name was the same yet a newer version or different user was detected.  The current process requires disabling & enabling the agent status. We are requesting ...
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