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New forum discussion 15 Nov 2015
Hi Friends, Please help me to provide the altiris inventory solution collected information screenshots. I required tio share the information with the customer about the avilable information in screenshots. thanks
New forum discussion 13 Sep 2014
Hi Friends, I have VM machines server 2012 with installed SEP 12.RU2 agent installed. All server machines are not taking update from SEPM server but when we are going to restart the server machines then its automatically update. please help us to resolve it.
New forum discussion 26 Aug 2014
Hi Friends, How i can deploy software by altiris deployment solutions and also how i can do the software meetring.
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2014
Please provide the prescan tool download link.
New forum discussion 19 May 2014
Hi Friends, Please provide the Symantec Critical System Protection policy template to block any one of application. If you have any document with screenshot of created application control polices. I am using 6.0.0 SCSP version. Please help me.
New forum discussion 14 May 2014
Hi Team, I am using SEPM 12.1.Ru4, its showing NAC feature on SEP client. But i am not using NAC license i want to remove it from SEP client. What steps we need to follow to remove it. 
New forum discussion 13 May 2014
Hi Firends, Can we do below mentioned by Symantec Altiris Management Suite. Please type the altiris suite and sulition name.       Server monitoring  (AIX/Windows/Linux/Solaris/HP UX)       Storage ...
New forum discussion 10 May 2014
Hi Friends, Please provide the document of policy configuration of Symantec endpoint encryption removable storage. installation configuration polices detail
New forum discussion 20 Mar 2014
Hi Friends, Please provide the software deployment document of altiris software deployment solution.
New forum discussion 22 Feb 2014
Need server setup Symantec Policy manager 5.1..9 MP4 for Thin client machine.
New forum discussion 04 Feb 2014
Hi Friends, we are using altiris asset management, Now we are going to define warranty information on asset. Please provide the information how we can add warranty information of bunch of assets and how we can check report information of warranty expire assets.
New forum discussion 30 Jan 2014
Hi Team, How to import all active directory attributes in altiris management server. I want to add location, dipartment and all user information witch i have configured on Active directory. My altiris server version is 7.1 SP2
New forum discussion 09 Jan 2014
Service desk installation failed. showing following error. can not find script file c:\users\altiri~1\appdata\local\temp\createVDirSD.ResetPassword.vbs
New forum discussion 31 Dec 2013
Service desk installation failed. the following error showing:- Installing Workflow Server.. Checking Server Extensions service running System.ServiceProcess.TimeoutException: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.    at ...
New forum discussion 18 Dec 2013
Hi Friends, I need solution. I am using Altiris service desk 7.1 sp1, Now i am going to create escalations but i cant do that. I have three group support1, support2 and manager group. I want to define Escalation if my one group is not able to resolve incident then automatic ...
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2013
Hi Friends, Please provide the service desk simple rule. How to define the rule on service desk and what is the complant workflow.