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Status: I'm back if anyone cares. :-D - 26 Oct 2016
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New forum discussion 12 Jun 2017
When I last posted I had an issue of the latest Windows 10 updates making any version before SEP 14 MP1 useless on the W10 system. In fact it made me remove the previos version and I had to upgrade to MP1, not when I am putting together some Windows 10 PC's it will totally and completely ...
New forum discussion 16 May 2017
I am rolling a new PC that is not on our domain, but once I search the W10 updates and attempt to install the updates it wants me to remove SEP which is version 14. What options do I have???
New forum discussion 24 Oct 2016
Good day support folks. We have an end user who has SDE v. 11.0 installed and the issue(s) that he is encountering is that the Windows 7 updates never install, the cycle is they look as if they are going to install but they never do. This happens at log off. I am of the mind that the ...
New forum discussion 16 Sep 2016
Good day everyone, we have and issue where we have Symantec Desktop Encryption installed on an end user's PC, this is ONLY a local installation and there is no central server. It is only on one Windows 7 PC. The problem here is that the program is apparently scanning all of the ingoing ...
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2015
Good day, we are using PCAnywhere 12.5 in Windows 7 Environment. I am trying to use PCAnywhere to connect to remote PC's but I have been unsuccesful in doing so. I cannot connect to any PC with t he exception of my own PC. I have PCAnywhere installed on my PC which is the PC I am using ...
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2014
Some files can be nearly 600 MB, and they are exceptionally slow to open. I have not seen an excel file get infected since 2000. Would it be a good idea to exclude them from scans? Thank you.