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New forum discussion 26 Mar 2013
Hi, We have NS 7.0 MR4. There is no job history for Cleanup Task Data or Update Summary Data jobs. If either of the jobs are run manually the last job previously listed is deleted. So what we are left with is the scheduled job and the one that last ran. Previously we had 2 months of ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2013
Hi, With our W7 image setupcomplete.cmd installs the aclient. Prior to running sysprep the aclient is removed and the GUID entries in the registry are cleared. That way after the images comes down and the aclient installs it will generate a unique GUID. In the past a regular license ...
New forum discussion 24 Dec 2012
Hi, I know it can be done, but my boss would like to see it in documentation somewhere as opposed to listining to the rumor mill chat away. No disrespect to you guys. Where can I find it where it comes out and states this? Thanks.
New forum discussion 07 Nov 2012
Hi, I love this little query to identify duplicates names in SEPM 11 (not duplicate hardware id's). The problem I have with it when its run more than once in a short period of time the results don't update. Let's say ComputerA is listed twice from this query. If I find the ...
New forum discussion 01 Nov 2012
Hi, I was talking to Symantec support recently regarding this script to clear the Altiris Agent Cache. The guy I spoke to said this script is not completely silent, but he knew of someone that converted it to VBScript. Just wondering if any of you have a copy of this in ...
New forum discussion 26 Oct 2012
Hi, With most of Symantec Support down for maintenance can anyone provide me with some information on the on-demand task cleanup job? I know why its running. I need to find what is generating the excessive tasks in those tables and causing the maximum number of rows to being reached. ...
New forum discussion 17 Aug 2012
Hi, Altiris NS 7 environment. I am having an issue with Task I am attempting to follow TECH146046 (An unknown exception was thrown while running Update Summary Data task) I started with the Step 1 to identify the name of the task(s) causing the problem. Run ...
New forum discussion 15 Jun 2012
I found this query on Symantec Connect: SELECT [COMPUTER_NAME] , [COMPUTER_ID] , [HARDWARE_KEY] ,[CURRENT_LOGIN_USER] , dateadd(s,convert(bigint,[TIME_STAMP])/1000,'01-01-1970 00:00:00') as [Time Stamp] ,[IP_ADDR1_TEXT] FROM ...
New forum discussion 03 Apr 2012
HOWTO179960 according to an engineer I was working with was Hotfix 2 for pcAnywhere Solution. There was also another HOWTO number that would represent Hotfix 4. Does anyone know what number that is? Thanks.
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2012
Hi Guys, Before any of the moderators growl at me for a double post I want to offer a explanation. This is not really a double post, but the same problem revisited. I have a script to reset the Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 HardwareID. I have had 2 or 3 scripts very similiar to the ...