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BRING Symantec Employee Accredited Certified

Status: Status update... - 01 Jul 2013
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Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0

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Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS)
  • SCS Symantec Management Platform 7.0 with Notification Server Administrator
  • Symantec Management Platform 7.0 with Notification Server Administrator
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New blog entry 18 May 2017
Sometimes It pays to be careful in the Local Machine Editor on your Servicedesk Server.  Recently an error message came to me along with a complaint that Incidents in Servicedesk could not be opened or worked on.  In fact, Process Manager was even not able to open for a short while. ...
New blog entry 18 May 2017
A recent experience provided some insight into SQL authentication.  While assisting someone who was implementing the Zero Day Patch Workflow, they kept running into issues surrounding SQL authentication.  They tried a variety of solutions.   Ultimately, the solution was ...
New download 04 May 2017
In continuing to provide support for the latest versions of products, the newly revised packages for SD.EmailMonitorMulti - for Servicedesk version 8.1 are attached here.  They contain the new user interface theme (look and feel), and some additional small defect fixes that have been ...
New blog entry 28 Apr 2017
When using a DropDown list component in Workflow forms, the component does not always display all items included in from the configured array variable. The component has built in to its function a duplicate filtering element, such that, If the field being displayed matches other elements, all ...
New blog entry 28 Apr 2017
Incident Management allows tickets to be placed on hold, delaying SLA calculations.  As a part of that hold process a reason must be provided for placing the incident on hold.  There is a default value of None Given, but this is a drop down field that can be easily customized by ...
New download 14 Jun 2016
Here are the revised packages for SD.EmailMonitorMulti - for Servicedesk version 8.x.  They contain some small fixes that were discovered as a part of the 8.x Email Monitor as well. Please remember that you need to publish both packages.  You should also use the ...
New blog entry 30 Oct 2015
There are occasions when you need to edit or change or remove a profile definition. In one case, an application property was chosen and the profile definition was edited, adding a new definition value, with the appropriate details and then saved.  Shortly, it was realized that ...
New blog entry 29 Oct 2015
A customer had written a custom workflow that tracked and managed specific networked assets in their environment.  The specific details of each asset, such as name, location, IP Address, etc, had been properly rendering in a grid component , but after an Asset Management upgrade, any ...
New blog entry 22 Oct 2015
Change Management 7.6, when using the Approve/Deny Change Plan form, has recently added functionality to display configured change request planned start dates and estimated end dates.  It now displays both the target stast and planned completion dates and times, ...
New blog entry 22 Oct 2015
After downloading and installing the 7.6 Upgrade for Servicedesk, while attempting to login to the Processmanager portal, the following error popped up ​Server Error in '/ProcessManager' Application.  Runtime Error: Description: An Exception occured while ...
New blog entry 09 Oct 2015
The Problem When Using Servicedesk, I wanted to add some primary contact information on the Advanced Tech Feeder form, in some open space on the form.  The form does not by default render info like "Domain/Username".  When I attempted to place and retrieve the correct ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Introduction Workflow Solution provides the ability to automate various processes, including many Symantec Corporation applications. Servicedesk is an application built from Workflow that automates the Incident, Change and Problem Management processes. Since there is a very tight ...