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New forum discussion 16 Mar 2013
Hi folks, I need some help with a custom inventory of a registry key. I have scoured the forums here, and found many helpful articles, which have gotten me as far as I have. I have created a custom dataclass and modified the sample Windows custom inventory script for registry data - ...
New forum discussion 01 Nov 2012
Hi folks, I know the official Symantec party line is that Windows 8 is not supported on Altiris NS 6.0, nor will it ever be. However, I have installed it on several VMs so far, and as far as I can tell, it works just fine. Of course Patch Management won’t work, because ...
New forum discussion 24 Sep 2012
Folks, Has anyone had any luck using a Windows Server 2008 R2 computer as an NS 6.0 package server? I have brought up two in my environment, and both perform terribly. They take weeks to finish downloading packages. I have a monthly "Synchronize Packages" task which ...
New forum discussion 23 Mar 2012
Hello all, Does anyone use Windows 7 workstations as their Altiris 7 Deployment Site Servers? Secondly, has anyone used one an NS 6 package server? We have about 120 package servers, 95% of which are Dell desktops, ranging from OptiPlex GX620's at the worst and OptiPlex ...
New forum discussion 21 Mar 2012
Hi folks, running NS6.0.6074 (SP3 + R13) , and when I try to open certain software packages on one of my NS servers (some packages, not others, with no apparent rhyme or reason), I get a message stating: The following error occurred on the page ...
discussion comment 19 Mar 2012
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2012
Hi Everyone! I was more active in these forums about a year ago, when I actually worked with DS 7.1, and needed a LOT of help (due to the buggy nature of the product. Sorry Symantec.) Many of my problems I had in particular were due to SSL not being supported with DS 7.1. Well, now I ...
discussion comment 02 Nov 2011