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New idea 11 Oct 2017
When creating a HI Policy to check and download latest definitions, have the policy check to see if the definitions are available at the site. This requires the site to have either a script to download the files or the intelligent update available to download.
New idea 07 Mar 2014
When you lock Sonar, this prevents the option to be disabled when Auto-protection is dis-abled on the client.  Locking Download Insight does not prevent it from being dis-abled when an user selects to disable Auto-protection on the client by either clicking on Options in the client for ...
New idea 07 Mar 2014
When an user disables the Client Auto-protection this dis-ables Auto-protection, Download Insight, Sonar and Email Protection.  Auto-Protect will automatically enable by default after 5 minutes,  Download Insight and Sonar needs to be re-enabled manually and the client ...
New idea 12 Aug 2011
Having the communication settings determine when a liveupdate from the manager can result in updates coming when a system is busy.  Suggested that the communications settings be set for updating policies and sending logs from the clients and have a scheduled in the liveupdate policy for ...
New idea 02 Sep 2010
The installation on a Symbian takes 6 clicks where the installation on a Windows CE device takes 1 click by the user.  This provides the user multiple chances to click the wrong option when installing on a Symbian device. Make it simplier to install on a Symbian device and if ...
New idea 08 Jul 2010
At this time the clients on a Smart Phone will attempt to contact the Management Solutions Server to register the product endlessly until the connection has been made.  This can result in a charge to the user by the phone company for going over the time allot for calls. Suggest ...
New idea 14 Sep 2009
At this time replication is replacing the data in the database that it is replicating with.  This means the full database is being transferred each time. There is databases that are syncing data by only transferring data that has changed by keeping a log of any changes (date and ...
New idea 14 Sep 2009
The comprehensive rish report does not have enough information to determine what IPS threat have been detected and what computers have been found with threats that need to have fixed.  Either the report needs to be changed to include the following or another report needs to be added ...