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New forum discussion 15 Apr 2014
Hi , Expert advised required. Is it recommended to allow a Linux server to send syslog to SSIM collector? The linux server is in a DMZ.  Syslog uses UDP. Is it secure?
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
Hi All, I need to setup a server or PC to collect events from two domain controllers. What is the minimum requiement system requirement for the SSIM Agent and Windows Collector ? Thank you for your help , comments or advices.
New forum discussion 29 Oct 2012
What are consequences on SSIM Agent if i rename a server? The Agent is bootstrap with a collector. So how to get the new name to be recognized by the collector? You must know that the server is collecting event for two other server (to remove the load of the Agent on these ...
New forum discussion 11 Apr 2012
I need to be notified about mesages that  are rejected for over sized limit. Can brightmail do that?
New forum discussion 04 Apr 2012
Hi all, I need to setup a server where the agent will be installed to collect events for 4 other servers. Is it possible?
New idea 26 Sep 2011
When creating and assigning a ticket, the system should: Automatically fill the user name ans surname Fill the email address Send a notification to assignee.
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2011
I've configured an on-box collector, but im not receiving the events. The function of Correlation  and Collection is on seperate appliances. Does someone know about: Where should the SQL driver be installed (currently installed on Collector Appliance) Is ...
New poll 16 May 2011
I'm ok with reporting tools 0% (0 votes) Yes
New forum discussion 08 May 2011
Hi, We are currently using Symantec Messaging Gateway(Brightmail) 9.5. We just upgraded the system because we had to do release several times before email is released. We also noted that the username becomes (none) after the first ...
New idea 01 Apr 2011
SSIM  - Symantec Security Information Manager SSIM has an option in its console called the  Dashbaord that displays in a graphical manner queries. However, the dashboard is only an image and cannot show the events it represents. By enabling to show the details of the ...