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New forum discussion 26 Sep 2014
Hi When I load the new serial numbers the Manager is associating the 4 license numbers with each other and not adding the licenses to our tally. This has been a bug for the last three years. Can someone help with workaround for this BAD programing BUG (Is the team writing this module ...
New forum discussion 17 May 2013
Hi We purge clients after 2 weeks of no activity. These clients come back on line but does not show that they have the agents installed. Because of this the agent is trying to install and is causing alot of network traffic. How do I get the clients to update there configs and baseline ...
New forum discussion 04 Apr 2013
Hi All I have a client with Win 7 Sp1 and SEP 12.1 with latest Definistions. Full scan shows that the PC is clean. When the technician on site uses malwarebytes it picks up "PUP.Software.Updater". Any ideas why Symantec would mis this or ignore this?
New forum discussion 14 Sep 2012
Hi, I use altiris 7.1. I have sofware management plugin install that is running at the moment that will install on the clients that does not have it. Only a handfull of the clients that are being installed and I see no failures to suggest that the other clients have some problem. Is ...
New forum discussion 19 Aug 2012
Hi We are in the process of migrating from our old SAN hardware to the new hardware. I need a solution for cloning the OS drives. The process will be offline and the old drive (old SAN) and new drive (New SAN) will be presented to 1 Server 2008 machine. The New drive will then be ...
discussion comment 12 Jul 2012
New forum discussion 12 Jul 2012
Hi I am testing the procedure to change the installed features on the clients. I followed the instuction from but no luck. I also do not see any log entries that tells me ...
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2012
Hi This is a two part question. 1.I created a setup.exe and distributed it to all my clients. The bosses want me to add Application and device control but it was not in the original Setup.exe. How do I add this feature on the clients? 2.How do I disable firewall by ...