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Reshma Kumar

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Job Title: Design Manager

Reshma Kumar is a Design Manager at Symantec for the Authentication Services Global Web Properties Group where she defines the user experience design for its family of Websites. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Information Systems Management at Harvard University. In her spare time, Reshma co-runs the WebGuild ( and is an animal advocate.

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New blog entry 30 Apr 2013
There has been a lot of discussion recently around Apple's reported push towards flatter ...
New blog entry 14 Feb 2013
Much like fashion, what's old is new again in tech. The NYTimes had an interesting article on the resurging popularity of GIFs. There has been a fair amount of chatter on the subject of GIFs in the last few months signalling it's renewed trendiness. GIF was the
New blog entry 28 Jan 2013
It's a new year and with it comes new opportunities for design evolution on the web. Looking forward, there are three trends I think we can expect to see more of this year. 1. Mobile no longer ...
New blog entry 26 Nov 2012
Strategically placed seals indicating that a site is secure increase the perceived level of security on a site. In a
New blog entry 25 Oct 2012
I will be speaking at the upcoming DAM LA Conference on digital asset management systems and the ...
New blog entry 04 Sep 2012
Last week, we launched a cross-site navigation enhancement to the Enterprise site. We’ve added links to each of our four main sites – i.e. Norton, Small & Medium Business, Enterprise, and Partners – across the top ...
New blog entry 30 Apr 2012
The seal of trust and security we're all familiar with which appears on websites across the internet has a new identity. Now known as the
New blog entry 05 Apr 2012
Phase one of our brand new website which we recently told you about has been launched, providing a new and improved Corporate and Enterprise user experience on worldwide. The first phase ...
New blog entry 26 Mar 2012
We are very excited to announce that is currently undergoing a redesign which will launch shortly. What To ...
blog entry comment 12 Mar 2012
New blog entry 02 Mar 2012
We were happy to learn that was named the winner in overall usability by SiteIQ scoring high marks in calls to action, e-commerce and purchasing, and content clarity. ...
New blog entry 15 Feb 2012
Welcome to the Design@Symantec Blog! The blog was officially launched on Symantec Connect on February 8th and is the next-generation of the original VeriSign Web User Experience Blog started ...
New blog entry 13 Oct 2011
Posted by Reshma Kumar on behalf of Deepak Mohan. The following is an excerpt of an interview which was conducted by the
New blog entry 07 Oct 2011
With the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder, I got to reflecting on what are some of the key learnings and takeaways of his design genius that he imparted on our industry and me personally.
New blog entry 05 Oct 2011
Same Check. New Name. No Hassle. The VeriSign Trust Seal which you have come to recognize as a symbol of ...
New blog entry 03 Oct 2011
We are pleased to announce the launch of Social @Symantec on Launched last week, this site serves as our new social media hub for all things social at Symantec.