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New forum discussion 12 Mar 2013
External sources are sending emails internally and making it look like its coming from an internal user. When I track it, it is from an external server. I block the domain but I would rather stop it as a whole. How do some of you handle this? Received: from mail.xxxxxx ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2013
We have one distribution group out of 900ish that will not receive mail externally. In SMG it gets Drop invalid recipients, All recipients are invalid. Every user in the distribution group is valid, it does not make it to our EX2010 servers. The email address has a & in the ...
New forum discussion 27 Jul 2012
I need a report (IN SEPM) that shows me the past date/time of when SEP pulled down updates. I have went through the reports but not seeing what I am looking for, could be worded oddly and I overlooked it. Thanks for the assistance.
New forum discussion 17 Jul 2012
We have a company that hosts some websites and is adding a contact us button. They are wanting to put in the from address (example) and have it sent to a department that is inside WIll Messaging Gateway ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2012
We are trying to send an e-mail with attachments to a user but when they get the e-mail it does not contain any attachments. We can send the same e-mail to any other outside domain, personal e-mail, internal contacts, etc and the attachments remain. If I check message audit logs it ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2012
We are retiring our SAV server once we get the last users migrated to SEP. Is there anything special that needs to go on when removing the database from SQL? I will be manually uninstalling SAV from the server.
New forum discussion 05 Apr 2012
Just needing verification, if Network Threat Protection is not included in the package that was installed on the clients it can't be enabled until it is installed? Going through and enabling it on the group will not do anything because it was not included in the package correct? ...