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New forum discussion 12 Oct 2014
Current site is 24*7 running. So not be easy to upgrade the version of SEPM here. Can anyone give me some idea on the upgradation? Will the server and client require restart while upgradation?
New forum discussion 30 Sep 2014
Altiris agent compatible for the Window Operating System 8.1?
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2014
My requirement in short forum. Wake up the system when any new defintion will on SEPM. SEPM is schedule for download it after office time. Client is in sleep mode so it fail to download so wake it. SEPm has no feature so i can be schedule it from altiris
New forum discussion 22 Jul 2014
How can shift the sql database from one sql server to other? What the activity i can perform before move it? Any impact of this movement? Currently i collect the document and will disscuss with my manager on all point then after that change will be implement.
New forum discussion 15 Jul 2014
How can i get verify from altiris agent inventory that where dlp agent install and where it pending?
discussion comment 11 Jul 2014
New forum discussion 07 Jul 2014
How can i prevent my Andriod phone from virus? What is solution to install the Symantec Endpoint is 12.1 ru4 in Android phone? Is it be setup from Symantec Console or any other way to setup? Is it be use the SEPM license or different license need for setup?
New forum discussion 06 Jul 2014
I am confuse and want to know the answer of my confusion. DLP services are secured in system or any adminpreviledge user can have access to stop it?
New forum discussion 06 Jul 2014
Virus is infected the storage. File name is totally different and not be clean File type - CM0013 File (.cm0013) Data folder is in shortcut and when i have check the property it show the traget path is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe ~$WWBY.FAT32,_ldr@16 desktop.ini RET ...
discussion comment 06 Jul 2014
sunnyc_up commented on: dlp agent
discussion comment 04 Jul 2014
sunnyc_up commented on: dlp agent
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2014
Can i uninstall the mutliple dlp with any command?
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2014
How dlp will work while printing the data?
New forum discussion 01 Jul 2014
How can we prevent the mobile data with DLP solution?
New forum discussion 01 Jul 2014
Laptop not be connect in network. I want to study the logs of dlp user to verify the which of data has moved and enter in system? Where the logs available?
New forum discussion 20 Jun 2014
Laptop is in stock, How to delete the dlp agent from Laptop?
New forum discussion 15 Jun 2014
Hi everyone, Anyone give me some idea on upgrade and which direct version i will try to upgrade in 12.x? OS- Server 2008 SEPM - 11.0.7 mp3 Client - Approx 4000