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DeepSight Intelligence Portal: Managing the Company Profile, Users, and Licenses

Created: 26 Apr 2013 • Updated: 03 Jan 2017
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This is lesson 7 of the Symantec DeepSight Intelligence Portal course. This course includes a total of seven lessons, click on a link below to access the remaining lessons. Please fill out a course evaluation once you have completed this training.

Contact Symantec Technical Support at 800-342-0652 if you have a technical issue. For non-technical issues, such as licensing or password resets, contact Customer Care at 800-721-3934.

  • Lesson 1: DeepSight Intelligence Portal Overview
    - Discuss the variety of intelligence the portal provides
    - Set up your account and familiarize yourself with the portal
    - Review the analyst journals
    - Determine who to contact if you have a problem
    - Describe what is covered in the lessons of this course
  • Lesson 2: Building Technology Lists
    - Understand how technology lists can help your organization focus on key intelligence
    - Use DeepSight to create an effective technology list
  • Lesson 3: Creating Alerts
    - Manage delivery methods
    - Understand how alerts can simplify monitoring of key intelligence
    - Use DeepSight to configure alerts
  • Lesson 4: Leveraging Alerts and Research
    - Understand how you can find and utilize alerts
    - Use the Research page to close operational issues
  • Lesson 5: Utilizing Datafeeds
    - Describe information in the Datafeeds tab
    - Utilize the User Audit log
  • Lesson 6: Creating Custom Reports
    - Run a custom report
    - Schedule a report
  • Lesson 7: Managing the Company Profile, Users, and Licenses
    - Change company profile information
    - Add a new user
    - Update a user's information and assign a license to a user
    - Add a license
    - Determine license usage

Published December, 2014.

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