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Editing Assets with the NS Resource Model and Workflow

Created: 23 Sep 2011 • Updated: 14 Nov 2011 | 2 comments
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This 13-minute video shows two examples of editing Altiris assets using Workflow in conjunction with the NS Resource Model.  Specifically, the first example dynamically updates the serial number of a computer, while the second example adds a new cost item to an asset in the CMDB.  The sample project that was designed for the video is available for download (below) as well.

Keywords:  IIS, ASDK, NSWebService, Create SMP Credentials, webservice generator, ResourceModelService, GetResource, GetResourceWithAllData, SaveResource, Get Model Names In Project, Update Serial Number, resourceGUID, Configurable Collection Filter, Data Class Settings, Cost Items, userEditable, Get Item by Index, Index Of Item In Collection, grid, Form Builder, Get Item by Name and Type, Accounting Code, Initialize Data, GUID, Add Items to Collection, debugger, Terminate Window and Close, depreciable, Dynamic Linked Model

Download for viewing: Right click the link below and choose "save link as"

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First off, thank you for your video--Editing Assets with the NS Resource Model and Workflow--it's exactly what I was looking for. I am working through the workflow and have populated all necessary fields to match my environment.

I plugged a random computer GUID into the component "Get Computer ResourceWithAllData", yet it errors out with the following message: Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier

I have even tried to add the "String to Guid" component just prior. It hasn't produced any favorable results. Any thoughts to fix this? I really appreciate your time.

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Has anyone had success with this workflow?  I tried it and it fails with an authentication problem.

I also tried creating a new project and reuse the web service dll referenced by the project without success.

I then tried numerous combinations of creating a new integration Web Service project for NSResourceWeb service without success.  All combinations typically fail with a 401 error saying anonymous is not authorized.

What are the steps for creating a Web Service Integration Library for the ResourceModel?


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