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Post Mobile Enrollment Workflow

Created: 04 May 2012 • Updated: 20 Jul 2012 | 1 comment
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This is a sample Symantec Workflow project and accompanying 13-minute video designed to illustrate several process automation ideas related to Symantec Mobile Management.  Specifically, the Workflow process is designed to run on a recurring schedule (e.g. every 10 or 15 minutes) and execute several post-enrollment checks and actions:

  •     Limit each employee to enroll X number of mobile devices, automatically unmanaging a device and emailing the user if that threshold has been reached
  •     Only allow enrollment of corporate-owned devices (verified by device name) and if it's found to not be a corporate-issued device, unmanage the device immediately and email the user
  •     Expedite inventory and policy refresh on newly enrolled devices
  •     Add enrolled user to an Active Directory group
  •     Email a summary table of new enrollments to an admin

This Workflow project is meant as an example to build from moreso than a ready-to-deploy production project, but it should offer some ideas and methods as to how this type of process automation could be accomplished.  There are many other interesting mobility-related processes that could be automated.

Both Workflow project files (the main project as well as the integration library project) can be downloaded from this page ( and imported into a Symantec Workflow environment.  There are several environmental variables in the project that would need to be adapted to match your environment. These necessary configuration changes are mentioned in the video.  If you have any questions about Symantec Workflow in general or how to work with this sample project, the Symantec Connect Workflow forums are a great place to start.  Enjoy!

Keywords:  Symantec_CMDB, for each item in collection, request inventory, evaluate policies, restrict device enrollment, corporate owned versus personal, BYOD, debugger, enable authentication check, provisioning profile, project properties, global data

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Thanks Chris for an excellent demo!

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