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Removing existing antivirus & firewall products before installing Symantec's cloud-based Endpoint Protection service (US English captions)

Created: 12 Jul 2013 • Updated: 03 Jan 2017
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Before installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition you must remove incompatible products including other Symantec products and other antivirus and firewall products. Failure to remove these products may lead to: installation problems, performance issues, or even functional failures.

This video demonstrates how to:

  •     Remove potentially incompatible products, and
  •     Run the Norton Removal Tool

The Norton Removal Tool may be downloaded here.

It removes these Norton products:

  • Norton Antivirus 2003 through 2012, 20.x
  • Norton Internet Security 2003 through 2012, 20.x
  • Norton 360/Security Suite/Business Suite
  • Other Norton products

For Desktop & laptop, Server, and On-premises versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection or Endpoint, please contact Support for assistance.

More details about "Removing existing antivirus and firewall products" can be seen in the Help.


This video will familiarize you with the importance of removing other antivirus or firewall applications from your computers when using our Endpoint Protection Service.

To get the best performance from Endpoint Protection you must remove already installed antivirus and firewall products.

Use the uninstall utility from the application vendor or the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs utility to remove the software. After removing the antivirus and firewall software, restart your computer and install Endpoint Protection.

If you have difficulty uninstalling any of the Norton products, download the Norton Removal Tool and run it to remove the program.

If you used the Norton Removal Tool, restart your computer again.

After using the Norton Removal Tool, you should be able to cleanly install Endpoint Protection.

You can find additional information about preparing your computers for Endpoint Protection and other topics and resources using the "?" menu. Thanks for watching.