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Send Incident to Workflow - Auditing Incident Owner and Service Queue Changes

Created: 22 Aug 2013 • Updated: 03 Jan 2017 | 3 comments
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Many customers want to track the amount of time that an incident or ticket stays in a particular Service Queue.  Once in a Service Queue, a good practice is to have the technician or engineer assigned to that queue, to take ownership of the incident.  It then becomes valuable to track who has ownership or responsibility for the primary task, and if, and when that ownership changes.

This project provides both functions, tracking Service Queue assignments and changes, and also incident ownership changes.  Using a couple of added ORM data types, the information is stored in new tables in the database which can be used for reporting.

This project uses the Web App Project Type, taking advantage of this projects abilities to allow for multiple invocation (starting) points, and different project types, all contained internally in the same project.

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In further review of the video, I neglected to note that, to accomodate all of the potential incident ticket locations where changes could occur to a Service Queue or to the ticket Owner, there is one additional rule that needs to be added.  You should open the OnTIcketEdited ruleset and add a rule that mirrors exactly the rule that was created for the OnOwnershipChanged ruleset, using the same Send Incident to Workflow action configured as such:

URL - http://SD75MP1/IncidentServiceQueueHistory

Workflow Service Name - AssignmentAudit

Workflow Start Method Name - AssignmentRecordAudit

This will assure that all potential incident edit situation are accomodated.

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Love it and i want to implement it, but when i open the project it prompts to overwrite the existing core dll which i said no, and then it says that my build platform is 7.5.2001. It looks like you packaged your project in 7.5.2002. Should i go against the recomendation and open the project anyway?

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It should not be a problem to open. Go Ahead!

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