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Targeted Vulnerability Assessment with Workflow

Created: 16 Mar 2012 • Updated: 20 Jul 2012 | 3 comments
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This 12-minute video demonstrates the power and flexibility of automating Patch Management processes using Symantec Workflow.  Specifically, the video demonstrates a "targeted vulnerability assessment".  The assessment is initiated by right-clicking on a computer resource in the SMP console, which invokes the Workflow process.  Workflow then executes a System Assessment scan task against that computer resource, and once that is finished, emails the server owner with a list of unpatched vulnerabilites on that server.  The owner is also given a link to a console where he or she can take immediate action to patch the system.

Attached to this Connect page is the Workflow 7.1 SP2 project file (, which you can download and import into your Workflow environment.  Once you've customized the project to fit your environment and your specific use case, and published it to your Workflow server, you can create the right-click action in the SMP console (the video explains how to do this).  But as with anything in Workflow, this is merely an example to serve as a starting point to build upon...the potential use cases and variations are unlimited.

Keywords:  user defined custom right-click action, Run System Assessment, Scan on Windows task, TaskManagement, ExecuteTask, URL with query parameter, Get Task Status, webservice caller generator, Symantec Administrator ASDK, GUID, asset owner, patch severity level, merge text, pause Workflow, SMP report, Not Installed Updates, table from array, input data, resource type, project properties, input parameters XML, Dynamic Value, Asset Management, asset owner

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Thanks again for this video, I am a big fan )

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Thank you. This will prove very useful!

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