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Tips for a first Endpoint Protection Firewall policy

Created: 10 Feb 2014 • Updated: 03 Jan 2017
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This video describes the changes necessary to the default Smart Firewall rules to enable File and Printer sharing and ping responses from local network computers.



Welcome to this program with tips for your first Endpoint Protection Firewall policy.

In this video, you will see:

·        How to avoid breaking printer and file sharing  …and...

·        How to enable PING between your protected computers

The default Endpoint Protection policy can serve you well for a rapid deployment. 

However, the Default firewall rules may block services needed on your network.

This program may help you to avoid any surprises in your Endpoint Protection deployment.

The Endpoint Protection firewall runs only on Desktop and Laptop computers. It is not installed on servers that also run Endpoint Protection.

To see the default firewall rules, you must make a copy of the default policy and activate Show Default Rules.

Using the default policy, file and printer sharing won't work and you cannot ping other computers on your own network. Most organizations want those services available. 

Enabling the File and Printer Sharing rule allows your Microsoft network to function as most network users expect it to function.

For PING, the Allow Specific Outbound ICMP rule, allows all ICMP commands for both your trusted network and across the Internet.

…but any computers on your network using the Default Endpoint Protection rules, won't respond to PINGs because the rule to allow Inbound PINGs is turned off in the Default policy.

You can safely enable the Allow Specific Inbound ICMP rule because it allows only two types of ICMP responses.

With these small changes to your copy of the Default policy,

·        File and Printer Sharing works as expected


·        other computers on your network can respond to PINGs

In this video, you saw:

·        How to avoid breaking printer and file sharing  …and...

·        How to enable PING between your protected computers

This concludes the video "Tips for a first Endpoint Protection Firewall policy." 

Thanks for watching.

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