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This group provides a one-stop shop for everything Workflow—from example workflows and templates to videos and user forums.

This group is sponsored by the Symantec Workflow and ServiceDesk team. This means that any templates or videos posted to this group are either from us, or approved by us. We have put together hours of video, miles of documents, and spent months—no—years to bring you the best information on Workflow processes and integration. Join our group to get the basics, and stay with us as we guide you through your journey into complete process automation.

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New article 25 Jul 2017
In this Article I'm going to explain how to add a Form to your Plugin to allow user interaction. Table of Contents List Setup Simple Plugin Deploy Advanced Plugin Inspecting WindowsForm (this) Right Click | Add | Windows Form Give it a ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
Symantec  Workflow Manager has a number of Plugins available from install. The idea here is to document each plugin, much like the Components. Reset Cache License Status Generate Business Model Create GUID Encryption Keys Generator Export ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
Reset Cache The Reset Cache plugin ... Component icon N/A Author LogicBase /  Symantec Perform Action There is no indication that the action has been performed visually in Workflow Manager.   Alternative N/A Location [Install ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
License Status The License Status Manager lets you view licensing information about Workflow and Workflow-related applications (such as ServiceDesk). This tool also lets you run tests on your license to verify that it works properly. The tool does not ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
Generate Business Model  The 'Generate Business Model' Plugin allows you to add a custom Model to your Project which allows a process to be documented, this is not going to produce any code but is a great place to inform Developers who you wish ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
Create GUID The 'Create GUID' Plugin allows you to generate a random GUID, which can then either be copied to the clipboard or added to the  Primary Model of the current Workflow Project. Component icon N/A Author LogicBase ...
New article 25 Jul 2017
Encryption Keys Generator The 'Encryption Keys Generator' Plugin allows you to generate a number of different types of keys, Symetrical and Asymetrical. Component icon Author LogicBase /  Symantec Perform Action Plugins ...