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Report Seal Misuse

If you encountered a Norton™ Secured Seal that is used incorrectly, please report it to Symantec using this form.

We are particularly interested in the following types of misuse:
  • The site does not employ an appropriate Symantec service
  • The information on the seal's verification page does not match the information of the site
  • When the seal is clicked, no information pops-up
  • The seal has been modified in any way
  • The seal is being used to promote phishing or illegal activities
Symantec is not and does not undertake to be responsible for content on a Web site on which a Norton™ Secured Seal is posted.

Please fill out the following form and include as much information as possible.
* Denotes required field.
(e.g. "+00 000 000 0000")

Norton™ Secured Seal

Norton Secured Seal
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