Work-Life Benefits

What Do I Need to Know to Enroll? 

Decide if you want to participate in any of the optional benefits programs: Legal, Commuter, Critical Illness, Auto/Home Insurance, Pet Insurance.

Symantec recognizes the need for balance between work and personal matters. These work-life benefits through Symantec are designed to support employees in their personal and professional lives.

Group Legal Plan (ARAG)

Just like you buy homeowners insurance to protect yourself in the event of a future loss, a legal insurance plan can help protect you from the most common legal matters. ARAG offers two plan levels to cover many of your legal needs.

Commuter Spending Accounts

A Commuter Spending Account (CSA) is an employee benefit program that allows you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for certain expenses you incur traveling to and from work. Eligible employees can enroll in a Transportation Spending Account that covers mass transit expenses to and from work and/or a Parking Spending Account that covers parking expenses for your commute.

Critical Illness Insurance

Symantec offers Critical Illness insurance through MetLife as a complement to its medical and disability income coverage. MetLife will pay an eligible employee who experiences one of the covered conditions will be paid a lump-sum benefit, which can be used as the employee sees fit.

Auto & Home Insurance

Symantec has partnered with MetLife to offer eligible employees access to a variety of home and auto insurance plans.

Pet Insurance

Eligible employees can opt to enroll in Veterinary Pet Insurance, offered by MetLife, to help handle the costs of caring for pets in the event of illness or injury. This policy covers an array of medical conditions related to accidental injuries, emergencies, poisonings and illnesses. You may also add optional vaccination and routine care coverage.

Additional Work/Life Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement
Symantec encourages employees to continue their education. Employees can receive tuition reimbursement for job-related courses leading to a formally recognized qualification (e.g., Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Degree, MBA, or Doctorate etc.) from accredited and recognized college/university and/or learning institutions and that directly relate to the employee’s career development within Symantec. The maximum reimbursement is $5,250 USD per calendar year.

Adoption Assistance Program
Adopting a child can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be complicated and costly. Symantec provides financial assistance to employees who are adopting a child(ren). The Adoption Assistance Program reimburses 100% of all eligible expenses associated with the adoption and placement of a child(ren), up to $10,000 USD per child. Eligible employees are those who work 20 hours or more per week. The final adoption decree date must be on or after November 1, 1996 and the child must be eligible for adoption under the U.S. IRS regulations.

Matching Gift Program
Symantec makes a dollar-for-dollar match of all employee donations to nonprofit organizations meeting Symantec’s general requirements for charitable donations, up to $1,000 USD per employee per calendar year.

Discount Programs
Symantec offers employees the several Discount Programs. Employees can find special deals in cellular services, computer and software purchasing, financial programs, car purchases, and others. For more detailed information, please refer to HR Online.