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CEO Message

Corporate responsibility is critical to Symantec’s business success. In fact, our mission to help businesses harness the power of their information and to make the digital world safer, is intrinsically linked to our corporate citizenship. As access to data protection, security, and privacy continues to dominate as a key societal issue in the connected world, our attention to corporate responsibility priorities enhances our ability to create business value.
We have spent much of this year preparing to separate our businesses into two independent companies—information security and information management. However, we have maintained our focus on the corporate responsibility priorities identified in our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report and on meeting the needs of our stakeholders.
Symantec continues to support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), with active membership in the UNGC U.S. Network, two working groups, and participation in the UNGC LEAD program with full adherence to the UNGC Advanced Criteria.
The Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3) provides cybersecurity training and career opportunities for underserved young adults while helping to address the global workforce gap and meet the critical needs of our customers. In collaboration with the Symantec Foundation, we successfully piloted the program and will continue to expand it to achieve our goal of exciting, engaging, and educating one million students in STEM (Science, Technology and Math) education by 2020. We are pleased with our ongoing efforts and will continue to move forward in the coming year.
We are on track to implement the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition's (EICC) code of conduct with 100 percent of tier one suppliers by the end of 2016. In some cases, our progress has been influenced by the upcoming separation. As we divide into two entities, we are holding off on setting a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal until we can establish new, accurate emissions baselines. Our talent retention and employee volunteerism goals have fallen short while our people are putting forth the extra effort necessary for a smooth transition but we expect to see improvement in the coming year.
Symantec is building a winning culture, reaffirming our cultural tenets and company values to guide our direction. We are emphasizing diversity and inclusion as a key factor in creating our workforce of the future. We are also making meaningful changes to our internal processes to foster diverse talent acquisition and development, and leadership accountability.
I am confident in Symantec’s continued leadership role as a responsible and successful company. Our top priority is to make the world a safer place through our products, services, and business efforts—a priority that is fully aligned with our commitment to corporate responsibility.
Michael Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer