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Cyber Career Connection

Collaborating to Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

Twenty-six year old Michael from the Bronx never envisioned himself pursuing a career in cybersecurity but in his own words, "Sometimes life has its own plans for you.” Michael enrolled in Symantec’s Cyber Career Connection (SC3), learned valuable cybersecurity skills, graduated and is currently employed at CBS Interactive as a Security Analyst. He aspires to become a Threat Intelligence Analyst or a Digital Forensic Analyst and someday a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
Today cybersecurity is one of the most important fields in technology and a serious issue for individuals, business leaders, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and CISOs, and society as a whole. With every new digital device, connected car and mobile wallet, the risks are increasing and the need for cybersecurity professionals is now greater than ever. Yet, there is a significant shortage of qualified candidates prepared to fill these roles—an estimated 500,000 to 1 million jobs remain unfilled in the U.S. alone¹. This gap is expected to grow to a staggering 1.5 million by 2020².
As this talent gap continues to widen, there is a vibrant community of under-employed young adults—including people of color, women, and veterans—that could fill at least 60,000 of these positions if properly trained.
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The Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3) is a collaborative effort to address the global workforce gap in cybersecurity. SC3 was launched in 2014 with the Symantec Foundation at the Clinton Global Initiative America summer meeting. The program provides underserved young adults and veterans with targeted education, training and certifications that position them to fill in-demand cybersecurity jobs and enter long-term careers.
SC3 addresses four key challenges across the workforce pipeline including:
  • Excite—SC3 supports non-profits and educators in raising awareness of the long-term career opportunities of cybersecurity.
  • Recruit, Train and Certify—SC3 recruits underserved populations into the field of cybersecurity, and offers industry recognized training programs implemented through a network of partners.
  • Prepare for Jobs—SC3 places students in cybersecurity internships for on-the-job preparation.
  • Launch Careers— SC3 connects program graduates to cybersecurity positions through Symantec’s network of customers and partners.

Classroom + Business Experience

At the core, the SC3 curriculum focuses on both technical and soft skills including specialized training in cybersecurity principles, software and computer programs, methods and tools, as well as business foundations, resume and interview training. Following classroom training, students are placed in cybersecurity internships that afford them the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a business setting. After completing internships, program graduates have opportunities to interview with Symantec’s network of customers and partners for full time positions and build their long-term careers.

Partnering for Success

SC3 is a collaboration between Symantec, the Symantec Foundation, our non-profit training partners, and companies around the world working to prepare young adults and veterans for careers in the cybersecurity field. Working with leading educational development non-profits Year Up and NPower, SC3 provides a mix of classroom and hands-on education, followed by on-the-job experience at cybersecurity internships with some of America’s leading employers. The graduates of SC3 leave the program well prepared to step into the vacant jobs and help solve today’s cybersecurity challenges.
NPower mobilizes the tech community and provides individuals, nonprofits, and schools access and opportunity to build tech skills and achieve their potential. The organization pursues this mission through two signature programs: Technology Service Corps which builds brighter futures for underserved young adults and veterans through free technology and professional skills training, and the Community Corps, a skills-based volunteering program connecting technology professionals with high-impact nonprofits and innovative education partners.
“Thanks to the leadership of Symantec and each of our corporate internship partners, NPower’s graduating class of young adults are now set on a permanent path for employment.”—Stephanie Cuskley, NPower CEO
Year Up's mission is to close the opportunity divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. The nonprofit provides a pipeline of young talent for partner companies while delivering a market-driven training program that helps low-income adults launch a professional career.
“They know there’s a skills gap, and much of that gap can be filled with talent who DON’T have a four-year degree or technical certification. It will be a double win: in terms of filling jobs for companies and for the young adults.”—Donald Ger, National Director for Partnerships and Innovation at Year Up
Per Scholas seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing technology education, access, and training and job placement services for people in under served communities.
The Stride Center is a nonprofit social venture working to empower economic self-sufficiency for individuals and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are harnessing the power of technology and the digital economy to help men, women and families on the road to self-sufficiency and independence.
For organizations that would like to provide internships to SC3 students or contribute to the program in other ways, please contact Symantec
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