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Online Safety

We believe that, in the same way that we educate our children about other risks, it is imperative that we educate them about avoiding online dangers. We have developed free cyber safety educational tools for parents to address new and emerging risks to children's online safety.

Online Safety in the Community

Symantec’s Online Safety in the Community volunteer program empowers employees to become ambassadors for safe Internet use in their communities. Our employees share in our company’s commitment to empower the public to be safe in all their online experiences. This program provides employees with training and materials to help them reach out to their communities and educate parents and students about how they can behave safely and participate responsibly online.
Together with our nonprofit partner Common Sense Media, Symantec’s Online Safety in the Community Program provides employees with all the materials and information needed to work with local schools and other organizations to help students and their families navigate online challenges and harness technology for learning and life. The program was piloted in the United Kingdom in FY 2015, reaching over 1,000 pupils. Formal pilot programs are planned to launch in the U.S., Ireland, and Cape Town in FY16.

Norton Family

With kids connecting earlier, more frequently, and on more devices than ever before, parents worry about how to protect them against exposure to inappropriate content and situations, negative interactions, and damage to reputations.
Keeping kids safe online shouldn’t be the end of their freedom; it should be the start of an open conversation. Norton Family makes it easy for parents to have ongoing conversations with their children about how to build safe and smart online habits—balancing time spent online versus offline, giving them the freedom to explore the good while staying away from the bad, and protecting them from sharing too much online and potentially damaging their reputations, today and tomorrow.
This tool provides ‘at a glance’ information of when and where kids spend time online, simple settings to make the web safe for kids to explore, and valuable insights that can lead to open, informed conversations.
Learn more about Norton Family Premier and access a free 30-day trial at The product is available in 25 languages.