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Our Approach

Priority Issues

Symantec regularly identifies and prioritizes its most material issues, or those of high importance to both stakeholders and the company. These issues are deeply relevant to our ability to succeed and are addressed in our internal strategic priorities, corporate responsibility approach, and stakeholder communications.
Symantec conducted its first analysis in preparation for the company’s FY08 corporate responsibility report. We have since worked to refine and update our issues prioritization with the ongoing stakeholder feedback we receive as well as our own internal assessments of rising trends, regulatory mandates, environmental and societal concerns, and overall business risks and opportunities. Our most recent prioritization of corporate responsibility issues resulted in the matrix shown below.


We conduct our prioritization analyses by compiling information regarding topics of potential interest from various source documents such as customer RFPs, investor information requests, media coverage, peer reports, industry and trade association documents, and internal and external surveys as well as direct stakeholder interviews. We score and rank the topics based on these evaluations, and further refine the placement of topics on the matrix through internal discussions and deliberations with corporate responsibility team members and company managers and executives.
Materiality Matrix
Issues falling into the upper right-hand corner of the matrix are the most significant topics for both stakeholders and Symantec.

High-Priority Issues

Issue Related Business Objective
Employee Satisfaction Cultivate high levels of engagement and loyalty and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Talent Management Develop and maintain a skilled, diverse, and talented global workforce.
Energy & GHGs Minimize our environmental footprint and associated costs and risks.
Securing Information Maintain high customer confidence in our software and services.
Diversity and Inclusion Attract and retain the best talent available, and better understand and serve our diverse global markets.
Symantec also devotes attention to other important corporate responsibility issues including stakeholder engagement, customer satisfaction, innovation, green IT, ethics and human rights.