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Our Approach

Public Policy

Symantec participates in the development of public policy that addresses issues affecting its industry, business, products, and customers. In partnership with business and trade associations, we work with local, regional, national, and international lawmakers and government agencies to advocate for policy and legislation that supports our ability to innovate. This involvement allows Symantec to better accomplish our mission to protect our customers and the integrity and unimpeded flow of the world’s information.
The public policy issues we face are broad and cover many aspects of consumer privacy, online safety, securing information, and intellectual property protection. In order to ensure appropriate and consistent engagement, the Government Affairs Team communicates regularly with internal and external subject matter experts and stakeholders on current and emerging policy and legislative issues. Their input is used to shape and align our public policy approaches and activities.
In the United States, Symantec formed a political action committee (PAC) that makes contributions to federal candidates. The PAC is funded by voluntary donations made by eligible Symantec employees. Symantec evaluates potential recipients of PAC funds based on their understanding of our key public policy issues. A complete list of candidates that have received Symantec PAC contributions and total amounts contributed can be found online at

To read more about Symantec’s policies regarding political contributions and personal political activities, please see the Symantec Code of Conduct (PDF).

Several issues that Symantec has addressed in its public policy outreach include:

  • Securing Information—Symantec partners with trade associations, federal, state, local governments around the world, to support and advocate for legislation, policy, and public education as it relates to online crime, Internet safety, cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Protection of intellectual property (IP) —IP theft and copyright infringement have a direct impact on Symantec. To ensure the protection of our IP, we work with key government and public sector stakeholders to strengthen intellectual property protection for software, both in digital and physical form through various legislative and policy initiatives.
  • Cloud—Symantec advocates globally for policies that will advance the implementation and the security of cloud computing.
  • Privacy—Symantec works with trade associations and governments around the world to advocate for policies that enhance the security and privacy of individuals worldwide.
  • Information Sharing —We need to modernize our laws to encourage and even incentivize sharing of cyber threat information. This must be done in a way that ensures that privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) is protected.
  • The environment, climate change, and Green IT—Symantec collaborates with key stakeholders and trade association to advocate for environmentally friendly policies that support Green IT adoption and promote awareness.


Symantec partners with and supports the efforts of various organizations that engage in shaping public policy around online safety, cybersecurity, privacy, intellectual property, and other challenging issues. Below are some of the organizations in which Symantec takes an active role:

* Denotes organizations in which Symantec employees participate directly (board or task force representation).