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Our People

Talent Management

Investment in the capabilities of our people is a top priority at Symantec. Talent Development includes all aspects of the employee’s career journey with the company, from their choice to join us to the reasons why they remain.
Developing our people and providing opportunities for them to continuously grow their talents and skills correlates directly with their level of job satisfaction, engagement, and personal connection to the company’s mission. We know that by creating an environment where employees can best leverage their strengths creates a collaborative and customer-focused environment that translates to market success. It is crucial for us to continue to develop employees, managers, and leaders across the 50 countries we do business in to ensure the continued success of our workforce and our company.
At Symantec, our learning philosophy is grounded in the knowledge that learning isn’t limited to a classroom setting. Learning opportunities exist in the way we engage with each other in our everyday work. Seventy percent of learning happens outside the classroom in the form of communities of practice, team best-practice sharing, and through peer-to-peer coaching. We offer continuous learning opportunities at every career stage for our individual contributors, managers, and directors, to supplement their current skills while building the skills for the future to support our long term strategy.
We prioritize investment in learning that is aligned with the critical skills and capabilities needed for our long-term success, while focusing on the needs identified between managers and their employees through the development planning process. We have robust talent programs to identify top performers, high potentials and align them with the right development offerings to take them to the next level.