Williams Martini Racing + Symantec: Outracing threats at 300 km/h



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WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING's journey from upstart to dominator is one of Formula One’s greatest success stories. Over forty years, Williams has earned sixteen F1 world championships, the third most successful team in the sport, trailing only Ferrari and McLaren.

In the old days, F1 was a sport of metal, rubber, petrol, and reckoning. Now, it’s a technology race, where Williams thrives on data.

200 sensors capture 1,000 channels of data every second the car is on the track, up to 80 GB per race. Insights from that data lake guide every decision—from design to fabrication to race day tactics. Williams’ fanatical devotion to data is critical to their success when hundredths of a second define victory.

They chose Symantec as one of their partners to secure its data, reputation, and achievements, both on the track and with Williams Advanced Engineering.

On the F1 circuit, 100 percent systems uptime and data security are essential. Williams relies on Symantec and the breadth of its portfolio to shield its data, on the track and off, in 21 countries on six continents.

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