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Symantec Education Training Credits™

Maximize the impact of Symantec classroom and onsite training for your organization with our value-packed Education Training Credits buying program; a simple training purchase option that allows you to make a single purchase of training credits for use throughout the year as training needs arise.

The Education Training Credits program works like a debit card, you purchase as many credits as you need in a single transaction, then utilize those credits over a 12 month period for any Symantec Education Services offering including public classroom training, onsite training (private), and self-paced training (except Tech Centers, EVUF, SSAP and custom learning). This simple program allows you to purchase as little or as much training as you need to meet your business and training demands.

Training Credits Benefits

  • Flexibility - Credits can be redeemed for all Education Services offerings, including classroom, onsite, virtual, self-paced training, and certification.
  • Organization-wide Redemption - Credits can be used by anyone within the organization.
  • Savings - You receive progressive discounts based on volume of Training Credits purchased -- up to 15%!
  • Single Transaction - by purchasing a “block” of training credits at once, you minimize purchase transactions throughout the year.
  • Enhanced Tracking - online tracking allows for management of your credit balances and future planning around your training needs.

How Credits Work

  1. Find your course in the Course Catalog.
  2. Select the course(s) of your choice
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to register for the course and enter your voucher ID number when completing the transaction. That's it!

How Many Credits Do I Need?

Do you already have Training Credits? Or want to know how many to purchase? Use the Training Credits calculator to determine how many credits you need to purchase for a class, eLearning, Training Bundles or a mix of training for multiple team members; or how many credits you can get for a specific amount of money. Just fill in the fields and calculate.

Kontakt Symantec Education

Hvis du har spørgsmål eller brug for yderligere hjælp, sende en e-mail til emea_education@symantec.com or call on +44 (0)118 920 4444.